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Junko sees herself as a constructive outsider: someone who brings a message to the community  from outside.

Lift the Curtain Series (2013)


 "The images of this series came to me as strong demands. It can be said that they came as a Revelation, or if you feel more comfortable using Jung's words, they came from the collective unconscious--from a place far deeper than the personal unconscious.


  They came as a shock to me: they flooded onto me, they made me sway, one image after another continuing through all the works in that series, demanding my response.


  This image of the broken engine is not a negative symbol for me. In order to move this earths part of a bigger living universe the machine has to function well. I kept hearing the groans of these engines, moaning that they cannot breathe, that they are bleeding and broken, yet they still have hope and aspiration.


  For me, images of burls, and of broken engines, perform a function similar to what traditional religious figures have done for other artists. I see a divine quality in them."


          -Excerpt from Junko Chodos at the Getty



Paintings are mixed media collage on mylar, 84"x42".Double panel No. 8 is 84"x 84"


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